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Focus: It’s Time to Whip Your Practice Into Shape

As our summer events are wrapping up, it’s time to start assessing where your practice is at this point in the year and where your focus needs to be in the months ahead.  Custom Dental Solutions has a few tips for you when thinking of your year-end goals!

Could Your Team Benefit from Boot Camp?

Custom Dental Solutions is excited to bring our Boot Camps to your practice!  Our two-day boot camps are filled with training on needs specific to your practice.  In true CDS fashion, we will come to your practice, observe, and customize a boot camp that will fit your team’s needs.
Fall is a perfect time to invest in your team as the kids are back in school and the schedules seem to slow a bit.  Contact us today to get your practice whipped back into shape!
Are you investing in your team in ways that can benefit the practice?  CDS can bring DISC to your team to better understand and strengthen your employee’s workplace performance and relationships.  As you know, DISC reveals how we behave and how we respond to opportunities and challenges that come our way. Measured in four proportions, DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) reveals how employees will perform, including:

·       What value they bring to a team                                                                             ·       Their ideal environment                                                                                                 ·       Any possible limitations that they may face

As more generations enter the workplace, understanding their unique makeup and behavior traits will only provide more context and perspective. And, it’s this type of shareable content that can really set the ball rolling.

Admin’s Corner! 

The Battle of the Front and Back
By Jill Shue

The answer could be as simple as route slips. Route slips are the perfect communication and handoff tool for any office, but become even more vital when the office is paperless. They allow for accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.  The front office knows what occurred in the operatory and knows what was prescribed next by the doctor without having to run to the back with unanswered questions.  And as we all know, time is money in dentistry.  Who wouldn’t want to find all the answers in one place?

Upcoming Events

September 22-23 Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association Indigo Conference-WI Dells, WI

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